Liquid Capital Review / Auto-Staking & Compounding / From Devs of Titano & Grape Finance

Liquid Capital. In this video, I'll be going over a new auto-staking and compounding project called Liquid Capital whose devs were also involved with Titano and Grape Fiance.

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Liquid Capital is a team of proven DeFi veterans who have created a revolutionary DeFi protocol and a powerful operating strategy designed to achieve what most DeFi investors search for in a DeFi project; sustainability and price stability.
Liquid Capital is the next stage of DeFi projects. Created after months of in-depth research on the DeFi market, and its successes and failures, Liquid Capital is optimized to deliver a broad range of consistent financial and other benefits to its token holders. The project also has a goal of transforming the overall DeFi space, making it safer and more rewarding for investors.

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