Piston Token Review | Presale Details – Get Whitelisted NOW For Piston

Piston Token presale. In this video, I'll show you how to get whitelisted for the Piston Token presale on March 28th and what this project is all about.

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🚀 Piston Token Website: https://piston-token.com/
🚀 Telegram: https://t.me/PISTON_TOKEN
🚀 Piston Whitepaper: https://piston-token.com/files/piston_token_WP_v_1_7.pdf

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Were you in MDT v1 with at least 0.5 BNB? If yes, you have a guaranteed spot in the v1 private presale (Mar 13) and can get up to 400 BUSD of PSTN tokens.

If you were not in MDT v1 or were but had less than 0.5 BNB deposited, then you CAN NOT take part in the v1 presale.

Regardless of whether you are in the v1 presale or not, if you want to get on the WL for the v2 private presale (Mar 28), which is FCFS (not guaranteed allocation), then you must invest at least 0.5 BNB in MDT v2 before the v2 presale. Max buy is also 400 BUSD per wallet. (if you are in v1, you get a chance to buy another up to 400 BUSD of tokens)

(The hard cap for v1 and v2 presales combined is 1,000,000 BUSD, so whatever is not filled from v1 will be available in v2, which will be 160,000 BUSD at the very least, and likely a lot more.)

Regardless of the above two, the whole world can take part in the public presale, which is on Mar 29 and is also FCFS. 400 BUSD max per wallet here also, and a hard cap of 200,000 BUSD.

And then once the project launches, PSTN tokens can be bought from PCS or from the website by anybody in any amount. Buying on the website will incur no tax, but 10% tax on PCS.

Token price in all presales will be in the $2.50 to $3.00 range, but those in v1 and v2 private presales will get a discount of 15% compared to those in the public presale.

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Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that do not have a central authority. They are fast, cheap, and indestructible. Some cryptocurrencies have even been banned by governments – PayPal, for example, has barred sales of firearms. These are all reasons why crypto is becoming so popular, and the number of cryptocurrencies will only continue to grow. Moreover, if you're interested in becoming involved with a cryptocurrency, you can find out more by looking at its popularity. There are numerous benefits to utilizing a cryptocurrency.

Because it is not difficult to buy cryptocurrency, it is becoming increasingly popular and more accessible. Despite this, the regulations around it are still nebulous. For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission has not yet decided whether to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies, and many countries are still deciding whether to make them illegal. The SEC, a regulator of financial assets, has split the cryptocurrency world into two. In January 2014, the China Central Bank regulated bitcoin handling.

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