Fleamint Super App | Over $1 Billion in Signed Contracts! | Seed Round

In this video, I'll be sharing with you a new project that is still in development and has over $1 billion in signed contracts. It's called Fleamint and it's a crypto super app.

✅ Fleamint: https://www.fleamint.com/
📃 Fleamint Docs: https://fleamint.gitbook.io/fleamint-wp-version-1.02/what-is-fleamint
▶️ Dao King: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFCq-7msJ9M

Fleamint aims to become the one-stop shop for all things Web 3.0 for brands and consumers. We envisage being able to do this by becoming the first truly global decentralized Super App.

Fleamints biggest differential is the digital twinning of contract rights into NFT format allowing for the trade of real-world assets and benefits. As an example, Fleamint elevates physical property into the metaverse realm, by digitally twinning the property whilst creating contractual obligations between the physical property owner and Fleamint, in order to, for example, fractionalize the digital version.

Fleamints two step process insulates the physical property owner from any real world fractionalization of the asset. All yields are contractually brought back to Fleamint as ‘Digital Construction and Maintenance Costs,’ and the physical owner can sell parts of the ‘copyright’ within their digitized property.

Fleamint property NFT tokens vary from a simple 10% deposit to speed along the conveyancing process to an outright full purchase with milestones and escrow for new-build properties. This gives property sellers the same kind of flexibility they have in the real world.

At Fleamint, they recognize this is an area that requires educating the public, so we offer concierge services and direct human interaction for the users' peace of mind. The marketplace will serve as an E-commerce conduit for many kinds of digitally twinned assets, such as art, sculpture, tickets, memberships, property, fashionwear, game assets, music, video and eventually, the full range of e-commerce items. After all, there is no barrier to what can be sold as an NFT.

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