Etherstones Review | EARN 8,000%+ APY on Etherstones Node / NFT

Etherstones review. In this video, I'll cover the upcoming project called Etherstones that will run on the AVAX network but pay rewards in $ETHS on AVAX plus ETH as wETH.

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Etherstones is an innovative DaaS on the Avalanche Network, focused on long-term growth and sustainability. Etherstones offers an unbounded APR of 450%+ through a combination of two protocols: DeFi Nodes as a Service and Reflection tokenomics. We provide two sources of income: Ethereum (wETH.e on the Avalanche Network) and our native token, $ETHS.

Get started with as little as 5 ETHS to earn lifetime rewards from your Etherstone. We currently offer daily returns up to 1.578%. Etherstones are more than just nodes. They are soon-to-be NFTs waiting to be released into the DeFi ecosystem and taken cross-chain.

Etherstones is not going anywhere. We are designed to last long term and will continuously focus on improving our project. Expect new and exciting innovations in the realm of P2E games, cross-chain protocol expansions, and more NFTs. This is only the beginning.

When purchasing an Etherstone, you will be able to enter a custom amount as long is it's in the valid range. The only difference in paying more for an Etherstone is to increase the locked amount.
Each one of these nodes has a base daily return and a compound boost. The base daily return is the amount you will receive per day without compounding at all. Compounding will be explained in the following section.

The initial total supply of our token is variable, but somewhere in the 4,000,000 – 6,000,000 range.

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