Surge Protocol Review | Could This Change The DeFi Space?

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SURGE is a completely new approach to DeFi, which is currently being dominated by Uniswap on ETH and Pancakeswap on BNB respectively. By introducing Surge to the DeFi space, investors and project owners gain back control over the liquidity, gain more security while making investment decisions and are no longer exposed to the risk of failing presales and ICO scams.

The founding team of SURGE accompanies, updates and evolves SURGE while providing material and technical support to the project users constantly. The wider SURGE spreads, the less power remains in the hands of those that misuse the name of DeFi for their personal enrichment.

Decentralized finance is on the rise despite the bear market and that is not a coincidence. DeFi is here to stay. SURGE has come to change the space forever.

Surge stores its own liquidity pool right inside the smart contract itself. Trading is made possible by writing the contract functions “buy” and “sell” right on the blockchain explorer. There is No need to connect your wallet to any DApp, No need to deposit your funds in any centralized exchange and No need to use a third party tool in order to execute your trades. The growing internal liquidity pool can not be extracted from the contract by no party other than by selling SURGE tokens. There is no possible way to rug SURGE.

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