Stake BUSD & Earn Up To 10% ROI Daily

BUSD Garden review. In this video, I'll be showing you a new BUSD stake and earn crypto project called BUSD Garden that can earn you up to 3%-10% ROI daily.

👉 BUSD Garden:

BUSD Garden is a stake to earn game that you can earn up to 10% per day and 365% over a period of 91 days. Daily dividend are fixed and the TVL fluctuations do not effect the daily yield like in traditional miners.

Game rules:
– Daily dividends increase gradually from 3% on day 1 to 10% on day 91. See details
– Stake fee is a flat 10%. Collect fee decrease over time from 20% to 10%.
– Collect or Compound will reset the daily yield of all stakes to level 1 (3% per day).


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