DinoBUSD / Earn 8% Fixed Daily ROI + Win Up To $3,000 Lottery Pool With DinoBUSD

DinoBUSD. In this video, I'll show you a brand new BUSD mining app with lottery game for earning BUSD rewards.

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Dino BUSD is an investment platform developed by group of genuine individuals and have run multiple successful investment portfolio earlier. This is their latest sustainable staking project. Among all others such projects this is one of its kind due to unique and supportive business model associated to it. Dino BUSD funding won’t just be generated through investors, but it’ll have a proper fund allocation through lottery business model which will make it sustainable with high growth potential.

Dino BUSD investment model require mandatory rewards claim in 24 hours and next ROI cycle will be dependent of earlier reward claims. Dino BUSD encourage investors to reinvest their profitability after withdrawal to generate maximum ROI thus allowing weekly rewards withdrawal to 50%. This model will have a withdrawal fee of 2%.

It’s a sustainable business portfolio with high growth potentials offering a fix reward of daily 8%. Across all such projects, very few of them have offered any such high fix rewards. Return cycle will be based on first initial investment and any investment in between the 7 days cycle will be considered in alignment with first cycle thus allowing withdrawal earlier then 7 days for second investment.

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