BUSD Garden Review | Sake & Earn BUSD | 3%-10% ROI Daily [NEW]

BUSD Garden review. In this video, I'll be showing you a new BUSD stake and earn crypto project called BUSD Garden that can earn you up to 3%-10% ROI daily.

👉 BUSD Garden: http://gardenbusd.com

BUSD Garden is a stake to earn game that you can earn up to 10% per day and 365% over a period of 91 days. Daily dividend are fixed and the TVL fluctuations do not effect the daily yield like in traditional miners.

Game rules:
– Daily dividends increase gradually from 3% on day 1 to 10% on day 91. See details
– Stake fee is a flat 10%. Collect fee decrease over time from 20% to 10%.
– Collect or Compound will reset the daily yield of all stakes to level 1 (3% per day).

Each stake has a separate daily yield set to 3% at day 1 and 10% at day 91, see details

BUSD Garden staking fee is a flat 10%. Use the Earnings Calculator to determine how much a stake will earn daily.

Your deposit will be automatically converted to LIBERA-BUSD LP and deposited into the garden. Because LIBERA is a hyper-deflationary token the value of LIBERA-BUSD LP tends to be higher in the long run. However, when the market price of tokens fluctuates greatly, the staking amount may be lower or higher than the staked amount, which is called Impermanent Loss.

While it is true that the BUSD Garden is one of the most transparent protocols in the space, this protocol should still be considered high-risk for all users! We consider the protocol to be of ‘low-risk' in a ‘high-risk' environment (DeFi). That being said, if contract balances deplete, your initial is still at risk.

According to the BUSD Garden dividends system, you will earn 100% at day #37, 200% at day #62, 300% at day #81 and 365% at day #91. This is based on the assumption that you don’t collect/compound before that time, because if you do so your dividends will be reset to level

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