Defira Review | Defira LP + Staking | DefiKingdoms Alternative

Defira review. In this video, walk you through how to stake or create a LP on Defira to earn a really high early interest rate. Get in early before Defira heros and expansions.

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Defira is a blockchain metaverse the Defiraverse. It is a fusion of DeFi and GameFi, harnessing the synergies of both models to create a DeFi ”super app” inside a fantasy game world, which hosts novel and engaging gameplay experiences that fully take advantage of the unique strengths of the blockchain medium. We aim to cultivate the Defiraverse as a multimedia franchise and valuable piece of intellectual property, which is owned and driven by a decentralized community and fandom.

As a fusion of DeFi and GameFI, we want Defira's game systems to fully take advantage of the unique strengths of the blockchain medium. We aim to extend the common play-to-earn model to integrate and improve upon the tokenomics of our DeFi systems. Popular GameFI projects suffer extreme inflation and lack of utility for their game token (like Axie Infinity). In our model, Defira's game tokens are also governance tokens for its DeFi super app, vastly enhancing the utility and value of the token compared to the traditional GameFI model.

In our grand vision, the Defiraverse will be home to a diverse suite of fully fledged game modes of different genres, catering to different types of players who have varying levels of investment into Defira.

The FIRA token is the main governance token and currency for the Defiraverse. In the game world, it is known as the Fira Orb.
Although Defira's game systems and intellectual property are governed by FIRA, the governance and fees for DeFi protocols on each chain are out of scope, and defer to their respective chain token (e.g. TRANQ or MIMAS).

As a currency, FIRA will be the sole medium of exchange for transactions, such as the player-to-player marketplace for heroes and items. It is also a unit of account to value game items and characters across all chains. On the other hand, chain-specific DeFi tokens are treated as game resources, which are given as rewards and consumed for various game features.

This is a great DefiKingdoms alternative if you want to get in early.

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