CZ’s Kitchen Miner | 8% Daily ROI With BNB Rewards | Launching Soon CZ’s Kitchen

CZ's Kitchen BNB miner. In this video, I'll be showing you what could potentially be one of the best BNB miner projects to date. I am not a financial advisor, this is for entertainment purposes only. Crypto is risky and you may lose your investment.

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CZ's Kitchen is a decentralised $BNB Miner Rewards Pool protocol build on the Binance Smart Chain. It's also the most innovative and first ever eco-system of its kind, build around a Miner. The way it works is pretty simple – you deposit your $BNB into the rewards pool and you earn daily interest off of it. Your deposit is locked forever and you cannot withdraw it. However, you can always Claim or Compound your pending rewards. You can earn up to 8% Daily. That depends on your “Hire Chefs” ( Compound ) and “Devour Dishes” ( Claim ) habits.

CZ's Kitchen is the first ” Miner ” protocol that implements a Treasury. Yes, you heard it right, a Treasury. 3% of each deposit and claim goes into the Treasury. The treasury will be used to invest in all kinds of assets and protocols, and the profits, that are generated, will be injected into our protocol ( 50% back into the Treasury and 50% going into the contract balance ). By continuously increasing our contract balance, we can assure investors that there is always going to be enough money to pay out their rewards. Not only that, but we are planning on creating an eco-system around CZ's Kitchen, using different types of assets, ideas and strategies to continuously generate income, that's going to flow back into the protocol.

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I am not a financial Advisor. This video is for entertainment and education purposes only! Should you want professional advice, please contact a financial advisor. I cannot and will not be held liable for any actions you take as a result of my opinions and the content on this channel, any of its social media platforms, or websites. The information provided on this channel is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as advice. DO NOT make buying or selling decisions based on videos from this channel.

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