Prometheus Review | Prometheus Nodes Up To 1% Day

Prometheus review. In this video, I'll be showing you a new node project called Prometheus that can pay out as much as 1% a day per node.

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Prometheus is a new crypto project that can allow you to earn consistent passive income with a fair DeFi protocol fueled by safe high-yield investments. All you have to do is buy $PHI tokens and create a node to generate a daily passive income.

Prometheus is a sustainable DAO node protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a DaaS (DeFi as a Service). With the income of the protocol, a treasury is created. That treasury is invested in various investment products through a vote of the DAO.
The return of these investments are used to buyback and burn the native token on the open market in order to maintain a floor price. The $PHI Token is the native token of Prometheus. It is used by the holders to buy nodes and for the rewards distribution from nodes.

The $PHI Token is our native token. It is used to buy your nodes and for the rewards distribution from your nodes.
At the moment of creating the contract, 21 million of $PHI tokens were created.
The contract: 0x4F7620a4e134B1D3fca3f419663aCf351b225C74

In order to make the future investors of Prometheus feel comfortable, we decided to get the members of the Prometheus core team KYC/Doxxed by β€œAssure DeFi”. For a total of 5 persons. The CEO, the CTO, the CMO, the Co-founder and the CIO.

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